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1062 7th Street W.
Saint Paul, MN  55102

651-235-8882 John
651-235-8883 Michelle
1st & 3rd Sat. & Sun.
every month
11-8 Saturday
11-6 Sunday

about us
We are an occasional & by appointment vintage & gift shop providing an eclectic mix of unique treasures from another time, beautifully crafted artisan creations, refreshed vintage finds & a dash of contemporary wares.

2018  Schedule

11 am - 8 pm
11 am - 6 pm

June 23 & 24 Special Events

July 7th & 8th  -  21st & 22nd

August 4th - 5 h & 18 h - 19th
If you are interested in having a private shopping event we can usually accommodate any evening that we are not regularly open.  There are no minimums, just try and give us a few day's notice.
Call 651-235-8882 or 651-235-8883.
June Special Events
Join us June 23rd & 24th for two very special events!
Tarot in Wonderland is here and you’re invited to celebrate with us! Enjoy tea and champagne, cakes and cucumber sandwiches, as well as revelation and wisdom. Meet the deck and meet the author. Mingle with other lovers of nonsense and whimsy. Purchase your deck and other curious delights. You say you don’t want to go among mad people?

Oh, my Dear, we are all mad here
The Modern Guide to Energy Clearing Mini Workshop:
3 – 4 pm limited space pre-registration required; meet and greet open to all 4:30 – 6 pm
Learn about Barbara’s approach to energy clearing, how the book came to be, and learn a few quick and easy techniques that you can use almost anytime and anywhere. Copies of the book and other treasures available for purchase. An open house with light but lovely refreshments to follow. 
email urbanrelic.mn@gmail or call 651-235-8883
to reserve a spot for the workshop

Meet The Team
John & Michelle Palazzolo
Robin & Olive Palazzolo
The Talent
The Proprietors
We are a down to earth, casual couple. Married 30 years, lovers of everythng vintage. Die hard diy'ers. John is the fix it guy and Michelle is the make it pretty gal.  We are basically making it up as we go! Cuz it is about the adventure "right"
Are the brother & sister team of greeters. They both love people! Robin is our watcher he is always "on" & doesn't rest until everyone is settled. Olive "Moo" excels at napping, she will greet and follow people around but only for a short while then she heads for her favorite napping spot.

Being that we are somewhat new to the industry we wanted to set out our take on some frequently used lingo and terms. We have found that there are many different explanations, definitions and opionions of all kinds out there and in regards to what we are doing with our shop we thought we'd share how we are doing things. Also as a disclaimer John & I somewhat differ in some of these ideas! We want to keep things fun so no totaly solid lines on lingo.


something classic or something that was made a long time ago, typically over 20 years old.
a collectible object such as a piece of furniture or work of art that has a high value because of its considerable age, usually at least 60 years old.

any object regarded as being of value or interest to a collector[1] (not necessarily monetarily valuable or antique).[2] There are numerous types of collectables and terms to denote those types. An antique is a collectable that is old. A curio is a small, usually fascinating or unusual item sought after by collectors.[3] A manufactured collectable is an item made specifically for people to collect.

something from the past, usually anywhere from the 50's to the 80's.

Artisan Creation
anything hand made or altered.